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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we are following breaking news as a fayetteville child vanishes overnight what we know about his disappearance. major developments expected this week in the bowe bergdahl case. we're going to break down the legal battle playing out on fort bragg today. and president obama set to tour the devastation left louisiana. details on the visit that comes after days of criticism. that's right now on cbs north carolina. good morning everyone thanks for watching north carolina news i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. glad to have you along on this tuesday morning joined by ali warshavsky keeping a close eye on any problems on the roads. first all about the forecast with storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont. it was a beautiful one yesterday: humidity made all the difference it remained on the low side. that's what will continue for today, as well. just as expected the
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look at this getting an army morning peek at the colors starting to spread across the horizon. just a few clouds as we start our day. let's check in with the satellite and radar composite. over the past few hours, we've seen the clouds kind of drift across the area. one important part of our morning forecast, no rain on our radar. so let get straight to the temperatures. dropping all around the area. 64 right now in durham. 60 in sanford. also 60 in henderson, south hill you're at 61 along with louisburg. fayetteville at 68 with hoke county. raeford at 68, as well. plans for the day ahead, with these temperatures much cooler between five and 10 degrees cooler. in some cases even 11 or 12 degrees cooler. lunchtime today the sunshine is still around but back to 81. human trafficking low side, as well. knee normal, as well.
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sunshine will continue for the work week. the 90s will return i'll let you know when. right now let's send it to ali with the latest on the compute. we only have one minor crash out there in north hills. other than that, roads look pretty good. in clayton today we're going to have some delays. covered bridge road is second going instructions for the next three months. -- is undergoing construction for the next three months. want to head towards the clayton downtown area. taking you into durham where there's nothing like that. roads look pretty good and down through fayetteville, 95 moving well. no problems on the local roads there. look at your westbound drive times if you're herding outdoor on 540, u.s. 64 to glenwood avenue, 17 minutes. o5440 to new bern to wade, about 8 minutes. grecian lake you can see
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6:02 this morning. we are following breaking news this morning in fayetteville. where a child has gone missing within just the last few hours. take a good look at your screen. we're told 8-year-old qua-mari rowe-swain was being called for by a neighbor who was not home when his mother returned from work. the boy's parents have been in a custody battle for several months now but have stopped short of saying that it has anything to do with the disappearance. he was last seen wearing a red and black air jordans if you have information call police. the bowe bergdahl case will be back in fort bragg today. >> the army sergeant's attorneys are trying to convince a judge the case has been slanted against their client from the start. emma wright joins us in the studio with details on u what his legal team is asking for. >> reporter: yesterday the defense won the first argument when a judge agreed that general robert abrams must testify about burning letters
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critics. general abrams is spec'd to testify either by phone or in person at the pretrial hearing that's set to begin this morning. according to a report by the associated press, bergdahl's lawyers say the letters were important because they may have contained leads that they could have pursued. bergdahl is expected back in court for the second time in as many month. he walked off the post in afghanistan in 2009 and was held captive by the taliban until 2014. he was rel administration swapped him foregone tan mow bay detainees. bergdahl faces a court martial on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy which if convicted carries a life sentence. the judge in this case army colonel jeffrey nance said he doubts bergdahl's trial will begin in the early part of next year. nance said monday that defense attorneys can propose a revamp of pretrial deadlines and he may consider
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defense attorneys are also expected to argue a second motion that comments made by senator john mccain affected the case in a negative way. today president obama will travel to louisiana to see firsthand one of the worst natural disasters the nation has seen. >> the visit comes amid criticism from some who say his visit is long overdue. justin quesinberry joins us in the studio with how the white house is now responding. >> reporter: the president's arrival comes 10 days after. storm caused major flood he is facing criticism for not cutting short a two week vacation on martha's vineyard to visit the flood zone. as much as 25 rain fell in some areas in just over 48 hours. damaging an estimated 60,000 homes. nearly 3000 flood victims are still in shelters. but louisiana's democratic governor defended the president's arrival time citing the resources that it tacks
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way about the federal partnership. president is welcome to visit whenever he wants to visit. >> obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there. >> i can tell you what the president's been focused on is the response on ground and the people use lives have been turned upside down by this terrible flooding event. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump visited the area late last week. >> reporter: hillary clinton says she will go to the area when epresence does not disr more than 100,000 people have registered for federal disaster aid so far. a harnett judge has said documents need to be released. last may a judge rhymed the case was in the public interest and said the d.a. should release some 300 documents related toot investigation. the d.a. appealed that ruling, leading
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against him yesterday. a 24-year-old man pleaded guilty to the hit and run crash that left two people dead in garner. marshal duran admitted to being drunk when he hit two pedestrians during a snowstorm. family members of both victims were in the courtroom and say they forgave duran for his actions. he's already serving two life sentences for setting a series of fires that killed two people at carolina beach. a 16-year-old girl in the hospital this morning after troopers say she drove her atv into a truck's path. it happened in moore county. the impact was strong enough to knock her helmet off. she was air lifted to the hospital and expected stew be okay. she will likely face charges the driver of the truck was not hurt. victim in a deadly crash on i-40 in durham has been identified as a 63-year-old wilson man. dempsey smith was caught up in the fiery accident yesterday
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exactly what caused the crash. it's currently 6:07 in the morning. >> a charlotte family demanding change after a deaf man is shot and killed by a state trooper. what they say could have prevented the situation from escalating. >> crews are fighting fire with fire in california. the strategy they're using to guard an historic castle from flames. >> this morning as we do start off our day temperatures very comfortable. 60 tree in smithfield. 64 in goldsboro. st sampson county towards clinton. i will have more on the forecast and how long it will
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if you have outdoor activities we have a few more days to get out there and enjoy it before things heat back up. >> yeah, yeah, we were just talking the 90s will eventually return this week.
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it is gorgeous outside. we are seeing a few clouds but they are not going to hang round for long. 66degrees. a live picture from our tower camera here in north raleigh. the official sunrise still about 30 minutes away or so. so if you're just rolling out of bed just stretching up this morning, know that you still have a little bit of time before we see that beautiful sun cross the horizon. right now we are seeing the clouds that we just saw outside on our satellite and radar composite. they're just drifting across central north carolina. all of us, side. i don't have any rain chances in our forecast today, tomorrow, really through the rest of the work week. it will be the weekend, though, that we start to see a few showers or storms building in. let's get to the current temperatures. these are what really tells the story. 61 in roxboro, henderson and south hill. 61 in louisburg and look at that, another 50 degree temperature on the map. they've been popping up periodically. 59 in sanford. so the bus stop forecast
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day. 64 out the door. 87 as kids are hopping off the bus. overall near normal. i will let you know when the storms return coming up in just a little bit. well this morning there are calls for change from the family of a deaf man shot and killed by a state trooper. a vigil was held last night in charlotte for daniel harris. he was the man shot last week after leading troop others on a short case into his neighborhood. so f released very few details saying only that both the trooper and harris got out of their cars and that quote, an encounter resulted in a shot being fired. harris' brother believes the communication barrier likely played a role in his death. >> if the officer had known that he was deaf, you know, it would have ended differently. and he would still be around with family and life would be going on. he'd be happy. >> the sbi is currently investigating the shooting.
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with vehicle registration that could alert officers to the drive being hearing impaired. also in charlotte, police have identified a body as that of a woman at the center of a homicide investigation. sandy le disappeared earlier this month under what police called suspicious circumstances. investigators are looking for her two co-workers. they were last believed to have crossed the border into mexico. time check for you right shedding light on the deadly alligator attack near disney world. >> the two warnings that came >> the two warnings that came too late to save a toddler's ?? from the mountains... to the beaches... the piedmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ]
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? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? to make the good life ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? it's ours to preserve...
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cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree that a comeback should include everyone. none report shows that tourists tried to warn disney staff ahead of the al gatary tack that killed a toddler. florida wildlife authorities said a man reported seeing a gator about an hour before the attack happened and was on his way to warn families
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daughter also told disney workers about the alligator. the boy was dragged deeper into a lagoon just 15 minutes later. his farther jumped into the water and tried to pry the toddler from the alligator's mouth but was unsuccessful. disgraced person state assistant jerry sandusky will be back in court this morning as his appeal hearing enters the final day. sandusky barely said a word while his attorneys ag i'd that he should get a new trial. sandusky was sentenced to being convicted on 45 counts of child sex abuse. in california crews continue to stand guard against hearst castle as a massive wildfire burns just a couple miles away. firefighters have been battling the so-called chimney fire for more than a week now and every day the flames have inched closer to the historic structure. their plan to create a rile fire by setting a different fire that will hopefully stop the other from
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off and removing the vegetation to a safe location s that if the fire does advance in this kristin ketcheller direction it runs into that area where fuel or vegetation has already been removed. >> hearst castle serves as a museum to the famous founder newspaper giant william randolph hearst. those fire lines that's not unusual when it comes to fighting fire you get ahead of it burn the vegetation so it has a wall. and nothing to feed off of. >> but the central coast affected. >> they're seeing a really hard time. certainly hoping they get a break as we head into the next few weeks. lets get starred wit our forecast here. no rain for us today, tomorrow, or really through the rest of the work week. so we'll be pretty cry by the end of it. make sure you're taking care of your plants watering everything that needs to be waited. a live picture from the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. we are starting off with a few clouds but don't you worry,
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temperatures, 64 in durham. 66 in raleigh. 61 in louisburg, henderson and south hill. southward we have 68 in fayetteville, clinton and raeford. check it out 50s on the map this morning. lee county sanford at 5 9 degrees. certainly a little bit of a chill in the air for this time of year. it's no the going to last long. 73 by 10:00 a.m. 81 at noon. we'll make it eventually to 87 this afternoon, then bao expected today. and into tomorrow. that's all because high pressure is in control of our forecast bringing us in the sunny dry and comfortable conditions for this time of year. now this area of high pressure slides off tour the east as we had towards friday. that means we get a more southerly breeze, few clouds are back in the forecast and so are the 90s. you also see this cold front back to our north and west on friday. >> that could bring us a few rain chances ahead of it as we head into the upcoming weekend.
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we are dry through lunchtime today and throughout the afternoon. and evening drives home. as we head into overnight tonight, clear skies. that means tomorrow morning, very similar to what we're experiencing right now. your ac could get that break, again, for two nights in a row. now, we're not getting a break in the tropics. check this out. we have three areas we're watching. of course there's tropical depression fiona. next system behind that has about a 60% chance of developing. looks like we will investigate that later today. a tropical storm. then there's tropical storm gaston so let's put tracks. first one gaston looks like it could be a category 1 hurricane as we head towards tomorrow morning. continuing to strengthen into the open atlantic. so we'll watch this storm closely. lets go ahead and get the update on fiona, as well. remember this is a tropical depression and losing steam quickly. likely going to become a remnant low later this week. so we'll watch it closely as it approaches the coast.
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so 87 in raleigh today. 86 in durham. 90 in fayetteville. then tonight we'll drop to near 64. clear and comfortable for this time of year. in the next few days those 80s are stick ag round. >> the change comes through on friday with a high of 92. then another change for the upcoming weekend with a few showers or storms possible. 6:20 on your tuesday. let's get a check on the commute with ali. looks great out there. the accident we had in north hills has cleared. so if you're heading out local roads, main highways, through cary, apex, durham everything looks good right now. >> certainly the time to get out the door. got no delays through durham and fayetteville. 95 moving pretty well. no accidents on the local roads. we will have some slowdowns later start at 8:00 a.m. gillespie street closed for road work. on the train tracks there. so whitfield street eastern boulevard mlk freeway are
6:21 am
westbound drive time on 540-64- rtp, 23 minutes there. garner area to rtp, 20 fur. >> u.s. 1 to rtp 15 minutes. a e better breakdown u.s. 1 to durham freeway, 10 minutes. so overall, not a bad tuesday morning out there on the roads. we'll leave you with a live look at i-440 and lassiter mill road where everyone's going the speed limit. donald trump has dade a major address on his immigration policy. a move that's on one of his key promises. trump's camp said it decided to push back the speech because it is not finished and fine tuning is still underway. he's denied that he's flip flopping on his views on immigration and suggested instead that he would continue to deport people under existing laws. it replains unclear when he will give the speech. a federal judge order the state department tour speed supporter row lease of documents related to hillary clinton's e-mail server. 50/50 tone thousand documents
6:22 am
year. >> the fbi has said it found thousands of work related e- mails that clinton had not submitted but suggest the it was more -- suggested it was more likely they got lost in the shuffle. former president jimmy carter says he believed he only had a few weeks to live. in truth, jimmy carter fax he made that statement while helping with habitat for humanity. the 91-year-old could be seen alongside his wife rosary lynn working on a -- roslyn working on' house. >> i was put on kind of a false optimistic face i'm wasn't nearly as certain as i might have indicated to news media about i'll be back next year. >> i was hoping i would i expected to and, of course, god has blessed me in many ways and this is one of them. >> he went through several months of treatment and surgery
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in all the history and will be for eternity. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. a new report claims that wikileaks' police to dig up secret left hundreds of innocent people exposed. jill wagner joins us live from the floor other new york stock exchange jill, this is a little bit disturbing. >> that's right. good morning russ. wikileaks' crusade to expose government secrets could be causing collateral damage. >> the associated press reports that the organization has published personal information from regular citizens on the internet including i don't
6:26 am
and medical files wronging to sick kids. -- belonging to sick kids. >> airlines will likely suffer plore outages like the one that grounded thousands of delta flights. the major carrier's have not spent enough money updating the reservation systems and in some cases they're still using 1960 it's technology. i don't even know what to say about this one. kfc in the skin game not chicken what in world is this? >> reporter: all right. kfc is introduced sunscreen and it smells like what else, fried chicken called kfc's extra crispy sunscreen. they gave away 3000 bottles. >> i just heard a chorus of eews. all over the building including in the studio. would you use it? do you want to smell like chicken on the beach? what if a dog comes and cases you f.
6:27 am
maybe, that type of scent for a sunscreen. friday chicken i stick to actually eating that. >> yeah, i mean like you might as well smell like gravy and mashed potatoes. >> would you use it? >> jill's face says it all. >> i don't know. >> i don't get it to each his own. 6:27 your time right now. serious news a child is now missing in fayetteville. what police are telling us ab >> plus before eye led out the door a live look the sun is coming up. a glorious day. is it nice as yesterday? sure felt good this morning. sure felt good this morning. we'll have the forecast up
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y23aoy yi0y
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? amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. hello and good morning thanks for watching cbs north carolina. it's 6:30 i'm stefan chase chase. >> good morning i'm russ bowen good to see you. we are following breaking news. as fayetteville police search for child that went
6:30 am
full report on that story but first, we need to check in with alyssa corfont for the forecast. and a nice cool morning yesterday and today basically. >> yeah, and today. we're looking at pretty cloud free skies from this viewpoint from the raleigh durham international airport. look at the sky just glowing as we do start off our day. it is 66 degrees right now here in raleigh. now, a few clouds here and there periodically throughout the morning. overall dry as we do start it off. it will stay dry throughout the day. i'm expecting wall to wall sunshine this afternoon. so y and you'll need the sunscreen, as well. get straight to the temperatures, still in the upper 50s across portions of lee county. 64 in durham. 60 in henderson. then 61 in south hill, roxboro and louisburg. still in the upper 60s but still a drop from where we have been, six in fayetteville, clinton and raeford. so straight to the forecast for the day ahead. all of the blue skies that we saw yesterday will continue. 64 at 8:00 a.m. 81 by lunchtime.
6:31 am
which is actually pretty close to normal for this time of year. that sunny and dry weather continues through 6:00 p.m., as well. more on the rest u of the forecast and when those 90s return, yeah, they'll return eventually coming up. but right now let's send it to ali. radios look pretty good. we do have a disabled car out there, on hillsborough street. could slow things down if you're herding in the area of brooks avenue. but otherwise roads don't look too bad for this time. from recall tie u durham, a lot means you're able move pretty fast here on 95 if you're herding to the fayetteville area. no delays there. a live look outside at i-40 at old erwin road. you can see really no congestion just yet. things are moving along pretty fine for a tuesday morning at 6:31 in the morning. we afternoon continuing to follow breaking news in fayetteville. where a child has been reported missing overnight. >> cbs north carolina's justin quesinberry joins us live here
6:32 am
know about the boy's disappearance. >> reporter: well, russ behind me here you see a picture of the child that's missing qua- mari rowe-swain. he was reported missing around 1:30 this morning i. nar was caring for him and he was supposed to be inside his home on enter prize avenue but when his mother came home from work he was not there. he's8 years old and last seen wearing a red t-shirt black and white shorts and red, black, and gray air jordan shoes. his paints have been involved in a child custody matter f another area recently helped with that process. investigators stopped short of saying whether the custody case is connected to his disappearance. police ask anyone who might know where qua-mari rowe-swain mate be to call 911 immediately. bowe bergdahl will be back in a fort bragg courtroom today as the military's case against him continues. >> army sergeant's attorneys have laid out a number of arguments on why they don't
6:33 am
wright joins us in the studio with where this case goes from here. >> reporter: the judge overseeing bergdahl's trial said yesterday that a top general must testify about burning letters he received from supporters and critics of bergdahl. general robert abrams expected to testify either by phone or in person at the pretrial hearing set to begin this morning. according to a report by the associated press, bergdahl's lawyers say the letters were important because they may have contained leads that they could have pursued. in court this morning for the second time in as many days. bergdahl walked off his post in afghanistan back in 2009 and was held captive by the taliban until 2014. he was released after. obama administration swapped him for a prisoners in gone tan mow bay. bergdahl faces a court martial on chances of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy which if convicted carries a life sentenced expand
6:34 am
cuts the trial will begin in the early part of next year. he said monday the defense attorneys can propose a revam of pretrial deadlines and he may consider changing the start of it. defense attorneys are also expected to argue a second motion that comments made by senator john mccain affected the case in a negative way. two raleigh teens accused of causing a dog to drown claims the whole case is just a misunderstanding. they are facing animal cruelty charges in dog. peterson told cbs north carolina that the two had taken the dog swimming and that he was roughhousing when something went wrong. she claims they tried to save the dog. a judge raised his bond to $10,000 banned them from talking with one another. family and friends are remembering three people killed in jaciel espino-montes was intoxicated when elost control of his suv and crashed near the
6:35 am
court. two young men and a 22-year-old woman were all killed. three others were hurt. all but one has been released from the hospital. the fame of one of the victims tells us their son was work to help out his family. >> he wanted to work hard to provide for his family, for himself and to actually have something of his own in this country. >> police have charged the driver with three count of and driving while impaired. he is being held on a $750,000 bond. a wake county leader taking her fight to stay on can't commission all wait to federal court. carolyn sullivan is asking for a new filing period for commissioners and for the current election to be halted. as you likely know a federal court reese end ruled the current district is up constitutional and ordered that the 2011 district be used instead. because she had chose ep to seek election in one of the new
6:36 am
investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire that destroyed a wake county home this happened just last night at a house. the fire chief says it began on the back deck and spread to both floors. the family of four that live at the home, they were out of the house at the time. >> right now i'm just so upset that everything that we worked so hard for is just completely gone. >> firefighters believe the fire was likely accidental but have not settled onex one bright spot in all of this we're told a neighbor was age to get in side the home and rescue the family dog. that's certainly a little silver lining there. >> yeah, a big loss but so happy the dog's okay. time right now 6:36. still stew come. >> i think it's a great testament to his character. he's a hero in my eyes. >> coming up, a state trooper goes the extra mile to safety suspect that allegedly caused him to crash. >> plus hillary clinton
6:37 am
strength on jimmy kimmel. her proof that she is in fighting form. >> and temperatures as we get this tuesday started, pretty nice as you head towards louisburg, roanoke rapids and tarboro right around 61 in louisburg and roanoke rapids. the 80s are still here today
6:38 am
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crisp garden vegetables. no artificial flavors. philadelphia? garden vegetable. rich, creamy... ...and delicious nothing else tastes like philadelphia?. we really woke up to a splendid morning your just outside feels good and it was nice and cool last night. >> got tying continues for the next few days. high pressure controlling our forecast. let's take a live picture outside. 66degrees and it's certainly getting brighter by the minute. official sunrise happening pretty much any minute now. and look at this.
6:40 am
drive time forecast. mid-60s right now. could still drop into the low 60s by 7:00 a.m. 72 at 8:00 a.m. back to 75 by 9:00. wall to wall sunshine, though, expected throughout the course of the day. so let's get to some of those temperatures you're feeling right now. if you're getting up and getting out the door, 64 in durham. 60 in henderson and south hill. 68 in clinton. 68 in fayetteville. raeford just dropping to six of the morning, 59 in sanford. so as you're making plans for your day ahead. >> 81 at lunchtime. we make to the 78 this afternoon. we stay sunny, dry, we drop back to 85 by 6:00 for that evening drive home. the 80s hang around for a few days but 90s and storm chances aren't far off. i'll let you know when they arrive coming up. a north carolina district attorney will decide whether a homeowner will face charges for shooting and
6:41 am
suspect. investigators say a 17-year-old boy and another teen tried to break into a home just east of charlotte yesterday. deputies say the home owner woke up and scared them off but that one of the people came back later to possibly retrieve a backpack. that's when the homeowner apparently saw the teen on his back porch and fired the deadly shots. it appears the teens were not armed. currently, a state trooper pulls himself from the wreckage of a cruiser to save the man who allegedly cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top
6:42 am
ess. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
6:43 am
this just in. an international court confirms russia athletes have been banned from the 2016 paralympic games. the panel says they kicked the competitors out over russia's state backed doping program. the games are set to begin in
6:44 am
of his robbery scandal. speeds oh polo, ralph lauren, general hair removal and air we all cut ties. speedo had a good relationship but they can't condone belay that runs counter to its values. a $50,000 clunk $50,000 will be brazil. . >> the favors done and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. >> trump has repeatedly claimed that clinton used her role as secretary of state as a way of swaying favors for her foundation. former president bill clinton app announced last week that the foundation would only accept donations from u. s.
6:45 am
hillary clinton be elected president. the democratic nominee highs having a little bit of fun. during an appearance on jim ill kimmel live she was asked to prove that she is, in fact, in good health. >> can you open this jar of pickles. this has not been tampered with. [applause] >> she did it. kimmel also meaning geeks about tim kaine. >>y i think he even took her pulse. the we'll thing is just hilarious. >> i can't open a jar of pickles, though. >> you're strong, you're kidding me. >> they're on tight. tomato saucer that's why they had that thing. >> the rubber? >> or like -- >> the rubber. [laughter] >> it's not like the handles on it. >> just take a knife and bang the top. >> i put it under hot water. >> get your husband to do it. hello, were are you. let's go ahead and take a
6:46 am
shot. this is from the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. just enough cloud cover out there to make the sun reflection off of it really spectacular as we start off our day. so we'll take a look at the satellite and radar composite. not a lot going on just those few clouds drifting around central north carolina. but there is no rain to talk about. there's not going to be any rain today, tomorrow, really through friday. we are going to stay on the dry side. so let's get straight to our temperatures. 64 in durham. and in goldsboro. 68 in fayetteville and clinton. we have been talking about it for the past hour or so, sanford you are at 59 degrees. talk about uncharacteristic temperatures for this time of year. now we should be close to 64 at 8:00 a.m. climbing 10 degrees to 73 by 10:00 a.m. the low 80s at lunchtime. the humidity is still low. get a quick run in on your lunch hour. weather will cooperate nicely.
6:47 am
evening. all of this spectacular weather thanks to this big beautiful area of high pressure, sunshine e, dry, and comfortable is the real kicker. humidity staying low. of course, all good thins must come to an end. this drifts to the east on friday. we tap into a more southerly breeze that's what brings us back into the 90s. a few clouds on friday but should stay dry. there is another cold from the lined up back to the west. humidity, really comfortable: wiz in the 70ments dewpoint temperature in the 70s last week. today, right around 60 degrees putting us in the comfy to muggy category. climbs a few degrees into wednesday and thursday. still pretty comfortable. the more muggy conditions back for friday. we'll lav to worry about where the sunglasses and sunscreen is. i'm sure a lot of kids spending time outdoors today for the rest of the week as for many of them it will be
6:48 am
sunshine is still around. so 87 our high today in raleigh. 86 in durham and 90 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we'll drop to near 64 remaining clear and on the comfortable side. the ac units able to get another break. 88 our high wednesday and thursday. friday, that's when the 90s return. we'll stay in the 90s heading into saturday and sunday. small rain chances for the upcoming weeke there this morning, ali feeling pretty spectacular. it feels great out there i. don't remember like the weather feeling this good in a long time. so enjoy it while it lasts. heading out the door we are stating see the area the raleigh area slow down. you can see orange, yellow as you head towards downtown. no major accidents the car we had stalled on hillsborough street has been moved near brooks avenue. that's not going to affect your commute.
6:49 am
downtown. fayetteville, 95 moving pretty well. your westbound dive times on 540 from 64 to glenwood, about 16 minutes there. new bern to wade avenue on 440 about 8. and clayton bypass to u.s. one about 11 minutes hopping on 40. at 6:49 we leave you with a live look at i-540 buffalo road no delays there. a state trooper is being credited with saving a suspect by pulling him from a burning car. take a look. this hne walkertown just northeast of winston-salem. it all started when a driver with an expired registration tried to outrun troopers. the case ended when that driver crossed into oncoming traffic hit ang suv head on and causing the trooper's crews tear u crash, too. despite being injured himself the trooper reached the driver and pulled him from the burning car. >> for him to be table to keep himself together at the scene other crash tour get out like i
6:50 am
get out and take care of the person in the other vehicle, i think that's great testament to his character. i mean, like' sewed he's a hero in my eyes. >> authorities tell us everyone is expected to be okay. charges though are pending against that suspect. 6:50 in the morning. we'll be right back with another look at the big
6:51 am
?? from the mountains... to the beaches... the piedmont... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ] run! ?? ? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ?
6:52 am
? and i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? it's ours to preserve... because we're only borrowing it from our children. ?? we are following breaking news in fayettev w just the last few hours. take a good look at your screen. we're told 8-year-old qua-mari rowe-swain was being cared for by a neighbor but was not home when his mother returned from work. the boy's parents have been in a custody battle but police stopped short of saying that has anything to do with the disappearance. he was wearing a red t-shirt and black and white shorts and black and white air jordans,
6:53 am
the president has been crit sides by some for not cutting hundreds vacation short to visit the hardest hit areas. he was defended by the state's democratic governor who said he had spoken with the white house daily and been given immediate access to federal aid zip a top jen will will be force today testify in the bowe bergdahl case. >> that decision came from the military judge. prosecutors have argued the letters are not relevant. the defense says it's proof the case to the court martial should be disqualified. the judge also suggested he may delay the start of the trial but stopped short of setting an ak sal date. a second harnett county judge ruled the district attorney must release documents relayed to a deadry officer involved shooting. john livingston was shot and killed by former deputy back in november after entering the livingston's home without a search warrant. now, back in may a judge rhymed the case was in the public interest and said the d.a.
6:54 am
investigation. the d.a. appealed that urology. leading to another judge to rule against him yesterday. the three boys injured in a drive by shooting in durham are expected to make a full recovery. the two 11-year-olds and 16- year-old were shot saturday night on reservoir street. one of the younger boys was hit in the chest and taken to the hospital. he underwent sur anyand said to be doing okay. police have not made any arrests. anyone with information come forward. a grand jury indd raleigh homeowner accused shooting and kill a man from his garage. chad copley charged with murder intersection death of kouren- rodney thomas. he could be heard on 911 calls complaining of quote hoodlums and saying he was going to secure the neighborhood. investigators believe he fired a shotgun from inside his garage hitting thomas who was in or near the street. a federal judge in texas has rhymed against the automotive when it comes to setting guidelines for bathroom pom sees and transgender students.
6:55 am
schools that do not follow white house's standards. the texas judge behind detective session says the case presents a difficult balancing act but that he granted the in junction because the order contradict current laws. >> the justice department said it was disappointed but ruling and that it's now considering its own options. lara trump will be in recally today. what you're looking at is trump and her husband eric addressing the north carolina delegation. she's spec'd struggles of running a small business. she's from wrightsville beach. that not the only visit they have planned. vice presidential nominee mike pence set to hold a private event tomorrow morning at a cast iron manufacturing in charlotte. he also is expected stew give a public address later that day in leeland near wilmington. tonight the fayetteville community will have a chance to weigh in on a number of issues that impact the city. mayor pro tem mitch colvin is
6:56 am
on murchison road at 7:00. the future of ee smith height kyle an the potential baseball stadium being built downtown will be discussed. the mayor is expected to attend also. >> a lot to cover there. >> absolutely. not much to cover here but it's all good news for you, right? >> it certainly is. high pressure in control of our forecast bringing us beautiful conditions. and take a look at this. an absolutely gorgeous sunrise so far this morning. >> this is from the top crime u are seeing a beautiful sunrise please tap a mccure -- if you are seeing a beautiful sunrise please snap a picture. sized love to see your pictures this morning. those temperatures have dropped a few more degrees. we new have more 50s on the map. sanford 59 for the past hour. now, henderson and roxboro both at 59. durham you're at 64, raleigh to 65. clayton you're at 63 and 67 as
6:57 am
so here's the forecast for the day ahead. plenty of sunshine from start to finish. >> we will climb close to 81 by noon today. 87 the afternoon high. keep in mind these temperatures actually pretty close to seasonal for this time of year. still holding ton the mid-80s at 6:00. this weather's going to cooperate and continue through thursday. humidity is staying low, as well. heat and humidity return friday. chance for a few storms as we headar weekend. rest get a check on traffic. showing you i-40 at rock quarry road camera where you can see it is starting to slow down out there. >> we've been extremely lucky in terms of accidents. really haven't had any affecting the morning commute. a lot of overnight construction projects -- or daytime crux projects that will slow things down. telling you about them throughout the morning and all on the facebook page and twitter. we'll have another update on those in a few minutes when you
6:58 am
thanks for being with us this morning. we love being with you guys. we'll see you back here at i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general,
6:59 am
but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab, and governor mccrory knows that. sweet sun ripened strawberries. no artificial flavors. philadelphia? strawberry.
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nothing else tastes like philadelphia? ? good morning, it is tuesday, august 23rd. 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton tries to use late night humor to answer questions about the fbi's unreported e-mails. and donald trump stopped talking about a mass deportation of undocumented immigrants. and uber charts a new road to the future with self-driving semi trucks. only on "cbs this morning." we'll see how the big rig handles a busy highway. and an historic recommendation to shut sugar from kids' diets. but we begin this morning


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